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"When I created the Sumo Growth Studies series in 2019 to put the Sumo blog on the map I didn't think anyone would ever deconstruct a company in more granular detail than I did.

Today, I need to tell it like it is...

Growth Models has eclipsed what I was able to achieve."

Chris Von Wilpert - Founder @ Content Mavericks

"I worked at Agora for 16 years including building an internal marketing agency to hire, train and buy media for Agora affiliates, especially the developing global ones.
It was always a challenge explaining the model - even to existing employees let alone outsiders. I’m not sure I could have broken it down so well."

- Grant Perry - Former Agora Employee

"Regardless of my career path, I know one thing for certain- never stop improving my knowledge in Growth. These Growth Studies are great for that. Every month I get several actionable growth ideas we could easily implement the next day"

Yam Regev - CMO @ Elementor


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